Payroll & Human Capital

On-Demand Payroll Services

Eliminate the time, cost, and hassle of producing, distributing, filing, and storing paper payroll documents. At Hernandez & Company, we offer comprehensive on-demand, online payroll services for businesses and household employees. Our secure payroll platform is 100% online and provides the freedom of processing paperless payroll as securely as possible. Our knowledgeable payroll advisors have access to superior technology and will deliver exceptional service to meet all of your payroll needs.

The wide range of payroll services offered includes:

  • Secure web portal batch data entry
  • Web employee portals
  • Direct deposit
  • Federal tax filing and state tax filing
  • Health insurance plans
  • Retirement plans
  • Workers compensation

Human Resources Solutions

We can help you implement all of the strategies and policies related to human resources (HR) management. We can assist in the hiring of employees, running background checks on job applicants, conducting job interviews, implementing compensation plans as well as other related employee functions so you can focus on what really matters – growing your business.

The HR services we offer include:

  • Managing salaries and pay grades
  • Tracking benefits plans
  • Managing government reporting and compliance
  • Building awareness with online employee communications
  • Empowering managers to access information to conduct online performance reviews
  • Optimizing your hiring, sourcing, attracting, developing and employee retention lifecycle
  • Reducing your company’s exposure to potentially incompatible hires
  • Positioning your company for growth through strategic hiring practices

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