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U.S. Operations

All Inclusive solution to Establish and Operate a Business in the U.S.

Benefits of Doing Business in the United States

Investing in the United States has many advantages. With more than 300 million people and one of the largest economies in the world, the United States has one the most important markets for any multinationals. Moreover, with approximately 40 million Hispanics living in the U.S., it is also an ideal workforce for Hispanic multinationals.

Your One Stop Solution to Establish your Business

At Hernandez & Company, we can help you enter the U.S. market and establish your business. We will guide you through each step and provide an integrated approach that promotes business objectives, reduces costs, improves efficiency and increases investors or shareholder value.

Barriers to Enter the U.S.

The United States is often described as one of the easiest and most open countries to do business in. Nevertheless, it is also a highly legalistic society with a wide range of statutes and regulations that can entangle those trying to begin U.S. operations for the first time.

In addition, it is very expensive to enter the U.S market due to laws and regulations, cost of labor, expensive real estate market and the high cost of living. For instance, if you open a distribution operation in the U.S., the basic expenses that you will have include:

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) $ 120,000
Manager $ 75,000
Accountant $ 60,000
Receptionist $ 30,000
Forklift Operator $ 30,000
Payroll Taxes $ 31,500
Rent $ 18,000
Utilities $ 3,000
Operating Expenses $ 10,000

Due to these factors, many multinationals avoid doing business in the U.S. We can help you overcome the “U.S. border barrier” by providing a low-cost, fully equipped, fully staffed extension of your Company office in the United States at a fraction of regular costs. Let our team support your team with financials and operational outsourcing.

We can do the work at a fraction of your cost

Outsourcing Solutions for Multinationals

We can provide you with outsourcing solutions to operate your business at a low cost while complying with U.S. laws and regulations. Apart from the cost savings, outsourcing is seen as a strategic move that can allow multinationals to gain access to the U.S. market. Some of the benefits of outsourcing are:

  • Professional expertise at a fraction of actual costs
  • Keep control by paying your bills, process invoices, approve employee expenses, generate financial reports, and much more online from home
  • Access and manage your financial data, securely—from anywhere at any time
  • Better management of time zone difference
  • Minimize your U.S. operating risks
  • Rely on our professionals to comply with U.S. laws and regulations
  • Take advantage of real-time collaboration with your accounting department
  • Improve productivity by focusing on higher value tasks

All Inclusive Services to Establish your Business

Establishing a new business in a new country can sometimes be complicated and frustrating; from adhering to the many rules and regulations that govern your specific industry, to selecting your personnel. At Hernandez & Company, we provide a turn-key solution that provides you with all the tools and requirements needed to successfully establish a business in the United States.

Our all inclusive services include:

  • Entity Selection

    In establishing a foreign business presence in the United States, selecting the appropriate form of entity is one of the most important decisions. The optimal structure for a particular business venture depends on a number of legal and tax considerations. We will help you select the type of entity that best suits your business by analyzing different factors and working together with top Attorneys in the U.S. By selecting the appropriate entity for your business, you will minimize your tax burden in the future.

  • Directors Services

    The corporate director’s role is to manage the company in the best interests of the shareholders. Directors generally delegate authority and responsibility for daily operations to the CEO and senior management, while taking on an oversight and advisory role. We can be a director of your company to facilitate your operations in the U.S. You can be confident that we will perform our director duties according to the highest standards of conduct.

  • Open Bank Account

    After you have established your new corporation, we will help you open a business bank account. For our international clients, we have established strong banking relationships with banks that will provide new accounts without going through the myriad delays and challenges encountered by many multinationals. At your request, we can also become a signatory on the bank account; this service is requested by many multinationals in order to facilitate certain transactions when the company owners or directors are not in the U.S.

  • Select an Office Space

    To facilitate your operations in the U.S. with low operating costs, we provide you with a variety of professionally managed providers of Shared Office Space, “Virtual” Office Space, Meeting Rooms and Business/Administrative Services. You will be able to have a fully furnished and professionally decorated office equipped with all the required amenities, including state-of-the-art telephone systems, high-speed internet access, video conferencing, secretarial and administrative services, conference rooms, meeting rooms and even in house cafes for clients and staff. Our aim is to provide you with as many alternatives as possible, at the best price in the market.

  • Business Licenses & Permits

    In most states, businesses need licenses and/or permits to operate and comply with government mandates for safety, soundness and tax. There are many federal, state, local and even regional requirements that may apply to your business, and failure to comply with license and permit requirements can lead to pricey penalties or leave you with no legal protection. These requirements vary by industry and also depend on how business is transacted and where the business is located. We will apply for and maintain your licenses in good standing with regulatory agencies and perform a comprehensive overview of state and local licenses, permits and tax registrations relevant to your specific business.

  • Staffing

    We will work with you in order to hire the most qualified candidate for your organization. We can place highly skilled professionals on a temporary, temporary-to-hire and full-time basis in the fields of accounting and finance, technology, office administration, legal, marketing and creative design. Once a group of qualified candidates is identified, Hernandez & Company will interview the candidates and arrange a conference with you to determine the best fit for your organization.

All Inclusive Operations Solutions

Let our team support your team with financials and operational outsourcing. Our outsourcing system allows you to use your current accounting department back home to do some of your accounting tasks while we do others, and allows you to keep total control of your financials. You can outsource just some of your accounting tasks, or your whole accounting department.

Our all inclusive outsourcing services include:

  • Accounting Outsourcing

    We provide a wide range of outsourcing services to meet your company’s accounting, tax, financial management and consulting needs. Our services allow you to concentrate on what you do best while leaving specialized support functions to us. Our experienced senior accountants and tax advisors specialize in:

    • Financial statement preparation • Account reconciliations
    • General ledger maintenance • Accounting staff training
    • Monthly and year-end closing assistance • Depreciation schedules
  • Online Accounting Systems / Cloud Accounting Systems

    By partnering with the best technology companies, we can provide you with an online platform that provides businesses with the ability to perform 100% of the accounting process online. Our accounting platform allows you to access and perform all of your accounting processes online at anytime and from anywhere. Our system offers our clients a 24/7 private access portal while delivering an exceptional combination of superior technology with outstanding support to provide a secure, reliable and turn-key online accounting platform. This “greener” solution meets the needs of growing businesses without the upfront IT costs or additional requirements needed for expensive infrastructure.

  • Payroll Services

    Our Payroll Advisors deliver an exceptional combination of outstanding service and superior technology to meet all of your payroll needs. We offer complete on demand payroll services for multinational corporations 100% online, safe and secure. Our payroll platform will give you the freedom of processing paperless payroll so you can eliminate the time, cost and hassle of producing, distributing, filing, and storing paper payroll documents.

  • Human Resources Services

    We can help you implement all of the strategies and policies related to human resources (HR) management. We can assist in the hiring of employees, running background checks on job applicants, conducting job interviews, implementing compensation plans as well as other employee related functions so you can focus on what really matters – growing your business.

  • CFO / Controller Outsourcing

    CFO Leasing provides accounting, finance, HR and business support to small and mid-size businesses. You do not have to rely on a single employee who may not have the in-depth experience required to effectively meet your business needs. Our experienced CPAs, managers, consultants, and Senior Accountants have extensive experience in the international arena and can provide trustworthy and reliable outsourced CFO and controller services at a fraction of what it would cost to have these functions in house. Our wide range of services can introduce significant efficiencies to your U.S. operations.

  • Tax Compliance – International Tax Services

    Running a business brings enormous pressures, the last thing you need is the additional stress of dealing with the ever-changing income tax system domestically and worldwide. We want you to concentrate on what you do best and leave the corporate tax issues to us. Our tax advisors provide customized solutions to your specific tax needs. Our tax planning and preparation services are designed to be client centered and focused on understanding each client’s business so we can effectively plan the most appropriate compliance strategies.

  • Repatriation of Income

    Under U.S. tax law, multinationals must pay dividend taxes when they repatriate the income they earned in the United States. At Hernandez & Company, our objective is to minimize your tax liability while complying with Federal and State laws. Our specialist teams provide customized solutions for your specific needs and objectives. We will guide you in the right direction and help you make the correct tax decisions to minimize repatriation taxes.

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